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Montréal Reveals its Good Design Practices

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The Design Montréal office, in collaboration with the Ministère québécois de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine, as well as with the City of Montreal, has just launched its good design practices booklets, entitled "Imaginer, réaliser la ville du 21e siècle."

This guide is intended for those in charge of public and private planning and construction projects, and is a collection of selected ventures and projects that would inspire a renewal of public action in urban design and foster the quality of architecture and design. The chosen examples, from Montreal and abroad, illustrate the three design processes that collectively improve the quality of the urban environment.

The first booklet introduces inspiring initiatives from cities, regions and countries that are actively engaged in the renewal of public action in urban design. The second is a methodological guide on the usage of the three processes that lead to design excellence: panel, workshop and contest. The third booklet highlights the variety and interest of certain practices associated with the manner in which a commission is awarded and how projects are supported.

These three booklets will be updated over the years with additional methodological guides and new examples of good Montreal practices.