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Siboire, a New Brasserie!

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Amen, a Montreal agency, expanded into architectural design last May with a new division headed by Sophie Goineau, co-founder of Moderno; the microbrewery Siboire, located in Sherbrooke, is one of its first achievements.

This cottage-industry microbrewery is set up in an old train station where the original structure was preserved. The rough nature of the bare brick walls and the large wooden beams along the ceiling (which can reach up 32 feet in some areas) is softened by glass dividing walls and brightly-coloured furniture. Brown, however, dominates the space: it accentuates the rustic and traditional aspect of the place while bringing out the golden yellow of the beer produced on site.

Two distinct areas were created: upon entering, a room designed in the style of traditional brasseries looks onto the vats, while a second room, in a more contemporary style, is spread out over three levels, the ground level houses a long granite bar for get-togethers, and the two higher levels are dotted with smaller, more private seating arrangements.

With "global branding" in mind, the agency created not only the set-up design but also the visual identity of the brewery's products and message elements: menus, coasters, waiters' aprons and patio umbrellas are all in yellow (the colour of beer) and bear the letter B. 

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