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Montreal's GSM Design has created the scenography and the design for the Passagers / Passengers exhibition featured at the Espace 400e in Québec City since June 3rd. This exhibition was inspired by the history of the city's population over the past 400 years, and brings a personal link between the visitors and the wave of travelers who shaped the face of Québec City.

The theme of the exhibition's visual concept is based on the airport, the ultimate location for transition and mobility. The international language of airport signing codes was therefore the starting point from which the graphic design evolved. Pictographs and arrows represent the basic elements. Even the suitcases that are carried around by visitors throughout the tour were designed as three-dimensional derivatives of the classic suitcase pictograph.

Graphic design plays a major role in bringing together the darker areas where videos are shown, with the transition spaces (hallways, stairways) that are bathed in natural light. A virtual "hostess," who appears intermittently on plasma screens, also creates a sense of continuity throughout the visit.

Since director Patrice Sauvé was in charge of the concept and the content of the exhibition, video projections are plentiful. The suitcases that are given to visitors at the beginning of the tour provide interactive and personalised experiences throughout the tour.

Lighting: Lightemotion
Audiovisual production: 6ixdegrés