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Friendly Atmosphere at Chez Simone

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A new bar has recently opened on Parc Avenue: La buvette Chez Simone was inspired by European bars and features an informal and friendly atmosphere. The work of Materia Design, the space draws people in while the enormous central bar sets the tone, "we come here to be among friends and share a drink without any formalities," explain the owners.

The cross-shaped and angled tables are perfect for group seating, while the low-hanging light fixtures create intimacy and are reminiscent of the small strings of light found in traditional bars. The orange electrical cables along the ceiling bring a whimsical and unconventional atmosphere to the space.

Architect Zébulon Perron kept the location's original architecture and used, for the most part, recycled materials. An entire wall has been fitted with old industrial metal shelving taken from several factories. Chairs salvaged from hospital waiting rooms now sit at the bar, old apartment doors lead to the wine cellar and wooden beams from a barn were used for the patio floor.

As for the remainder of the furniture, the designer focused on white oak and cork, as a nod to the house specialty, wine.

La buvette Chez Simone
4869 du Parc