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The Chair as a Work of Art

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Melinda Pap, a visual artist for nearly 20 years, is adding object design, or, more specifically, chairs, to her portfolio. She felt that design was a logical extension of her artistic work which, for the past eight years, integrates philosophical ideas and explores various personality expressions.

If black and white were natural choices as the only two colours to use, the selection of shapes and materials incurred extensive reflection. Black and white allow you to play with lighting and shadows, two essential elements in an artist's work. "The possible combinations are endless and form the basis of my exploration," says the artist.

Each chair is unique in order to express a different personality. By using various materials such as wood, metal and plastic along with latex, feathers and elastics, Melinda Pap plays with themes such as balance and imbalance, lightness and mass.

The artwork is presented permanently at the Commissaires gallery-boutique and is exhibited at the Atelier Punkt until July 15. 

Atelier Punkt
5333 Casgrain
Local 205