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Duo, A Successful Duplicate

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Following the success of his first store, which won a 2004 Commerce Design prize, Jean-Guy Chabauty of Moderno opens his second, and more chic, Duo retail outlet. This store opened at the end of May with the same ambiance as the first while displaying its own character.

As head of design and project manager, Jean-Guy Chabauty had to work within a very narrow and long space. To compensate for the lack of natural light, a direct result of the layout of the store, he installed plenty of mirrors and banked on a bright yellow for the floor covering.

He also chose to play with the layout's geometry. The mirrors not only make the space seem larger and brighter, they also create a play on perspectives. The few furnishings are large and become the focus of the space. The cash/display counter is a repetition of the long and narrow shape of the store, while the two shelving units standing in the centre divide the layout and bring some structure.

Illuminated box-style shelves dress up the wall behind the cash while creating a striking contrast with the other walls and the ceiling, which are almost completely black. The back of the store was set up with a slightly different décor: the walls are of a warm brown wood and the chairs, also from Moderno, will tempt shoppers to take a break.

By using chromium steel and lacquered wood freely, in shades of black and wood stains, the team at Moderno has created an ultra-modern space designed to be as elegant as it is efficient.

30 Prince-Arthur West