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Wather Wheels Take Over Place des Arts

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For the seventh consecutive year, the Esplanade pool at Place des Arts will feature a temporary work of art during the summer. It is the creation of Éric Daoust, Jean-François Potvin and Donald Potvin from Bosses design, a Montreal firm specialising in architecture and environmental design.

Entitled "Les Pelleteuses de nuages," the installation comprises three large water wheels propelled by the fountains' hydraulic force, with blades that are made of various types of shovels. The wheels, which rotate at different speeds, are the creators' representation of the summer's changing rhythm.

The jury, presided over by Marie Lavigne, President and CEO of Place des Arts as well as the contest's initiator, chose the Bosses submission because its three large wheels "literally send us diving into the carnival spirit and blend in perfectly to the Esplanade at Place des Arts, a place where more than three million people come to meet, chat and gather throughout the summer."