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A Smart Blend of Styles

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The first Little Burgundy store in Quebec, an affiliate of the Aldo Group, has opened at the Eaton Centre in Montreal.

Otto design group, a California agency, created the visual and graphic logos for the name as well as the interior design of each store. The idea behind these stores is to promote 80 different brands of shoes and accessories in a young, urban setting that showcases recycled and salvaged furnishings. 

This decor, which varies from store to store, is offset by the counters and shelving that are custom-made in a lustrous white metal, and by ultra-modern LED lighting. The Eaton Centre store, for example, is equipped with central islands made from salvaged strips of wood. 

The lounge area set up at the back of the store is furnished with chairs so customers can take a rest, surrounded by a wide selection of accessories and a line of products bearing the Little Burgundy name: water bottles, cupcakes, candies, etc. The second-hand furniture in the lounge area was given new life by local artists.

At the store's entrance, regardless of the city or the province, you will find a manhole cover with a layout of the Little Burgundy borough, birthplace of the Aldo Group and inspiration for the store's name.

There are presently two other store locations in Ontario, with a new store opening this summer on Sainte-Catherine Street in Montreal and another at Promenades Saint-Bruno.

Centre Eaton
705 Sainte-Catherine West