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An All-Design Address

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There is now a new destination for design buffs on Saint-Laurent Boulevard: the latest arrival from the creators of Périphère, the Domison Boutique offers a line of modern and sophisticated furniture with an urban and independent spirit.

Designed by Blazysgerard, the 4500-sq. ft. space needed to reflect the spirit of the furniture displayed. To give it the urban and industrial touch that Thien and My Ta Trung were looking for, the architects used materials like concrete, metal, wood and brick.

The original concrete floor was retained, while the suspended ceilings from the previous occupants were torn down, exposing the metal structure. The metal columns punctuating the space, originally very thin, were bulked up and covered in raw black steel. The wood on some of the wall sections was worked like barn wood, and the brick was treated vertically to break away from too traditional a design.

Several elements were positioned within the space to create partitions. For example, white counters and transparent screened panels allow two living rooms to be presented back to back while breaking the rhythm of the furniture displayed. On a podium-style structure at the back of the store, a few objects and furniture pieces can be displayed theatrically; this selection is renewed every week.

According to Thien Ta Trung, "Domison is intended for design connoisseurs who are tired of generic Ikea tables and chairs, but who can't afford more inspirational furniture." All the collections, furniture pieces and accessories for the bedroom, living room and dining room are designed in Montreal. Creations from several independent Canadian design studios (Loyal Loot, Brave Design, Furni, Looolo and Rita, among others) are also represented.

For its May 22nd inauguration, co-hosted by Azure Magazine, Studio Paprika had created an arrangement of mobiles representing ginkgo leaves, which are the company's logo.

4117 Saint-Laurent Blvd.