La référence des professionnels
des communications et du design

Interdisciplinary Meeting

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The Conférence interprofessionnelle du design du Québec (CIDQ) is organising its first multidisciplinary forum on Friday, June 6 in Montreal; founded two years ago, the CIDQ assembles all professional Québec associations in the field, with a major focus on promoting Québec design.

In addition to presenting a plan of action that aims to ensure the promotion of Québec design during the upcoming years, it will hold two conferences: "Using Design Thinking to Solve Business Objectives", and "Promoting Design in Europe".

The first will feature a presentation by Thomas Lockwood, a specialist in design and brand management in the U.S. The second conference will be presented by Anne-Marie Boutin, director of the Agence pour la promotion de la création industrielle in France, and a member of the selection committee of Unesco's Design 21 programme.

This forum is open to designers who are members of associations or professional orders.

3536 Saint-Laurent
Friday, June 6, 8 am to 1 pm
Free admission