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First Impressions at SIDIM 2008

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No great surprises at the 20th edition of the SIDIM (Salon international du design d'intérieur de Montréal), but there were some pleasant features: Design Africa and the fashion and design instalments, multiple coffee machines (particularly the beautiful new Jura) and a few isolated Québec designers who, in spite of an awkward setting, defended their creations very well.

In its third year, Design Africa presented an interesting selection of African designers, mostly from South Africa and Ghana. In a peripheral location within the Carrefour international, ceramics, furniture, textiles, dishes and shelving inspired by graffiti art completed a reflection of the high quality of contemporary African design.

In the lifestyle design section (unfortunately not given enough attention), designer and stylist Azamit put together six very successful arrangements combining Québec fashion and design. Creations from Marie Saint Pierre were showcased alongside those from Messier designers; clothing from Philippe Dubuc was matched up with a chair from Périphère and dinnerware by Céramik B.; Denis Gagnon and the Atelier Punkt were paired in a totally black set-up; M Siamo shared a space with Bure & Linon; dresses by Barbeau and chairs created by Étienne Hotte were set up on a floor assembled by Ciot; and finally, a dresser by Erratum designers and several Furni clocks blended with Morales creations.

On the Québec design front, the AquaOvo water dispenser was awarded $5000 from the Ministère du Développement économique, Innovation et Exportation. And special nods go to the Gravity modular system designed by Messier designers and marketed by Interversion, the rattan chairs by designer Olivier Desrochers and the environmentally friendly and convertible carpets from Couper/Croiser.