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Urban Play

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As part of the international design week organised by UQAM's school of design, from April 29 to May 3, professor Lyne Lefebvre welcomed Scott Burnham for a workshop on Urban Play. He was in Montreal as guest creative director for the 2009 Biennale de Montréal. A broadcaster, multidisciplinary creative director and lecturer, Scott Burnham is responsible for numerous innovations and interventions in many cities around the world. He is also curator of the Droog Design Urban Play event in Amsterdam.

Acting as a Montreal laboratory for urban creation, the workshop focused on exploring the relationship between the individual and his city. With a new approach to design and re-appropriation of urban furnishings, common areas and public spaces that make up our environment, 31 local students reflected on their city in order to come up with interventions that are in touch with and at the heart of the city.

Advertisement pillars decked in giant Lite Brite sets for those who remember this popular toy; street potholes in which nature reclaimed its space with a bit of help; lamp posts equipped with on/off switches; and parking meters transformed into bubble gum machines?these creative, playful and poetic interventions decorate the city for a while.

A logbook was kept during the entire workshop and posted as an online blog.