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From Web to Reality

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Provokat, sponsor of the Elektra digital arts festival, participated in the event by going above and beyond the creation of a visual identity, the agency created an installation that actually overloaded the Web. 

By designing and programming a robot, built by Simon Laroche and installed on the festival's website from May 7 to 11, Provokat booted the Web off the screen. Internet users would visit Elektra's website and give their ratings of the shows with a simple click of the mouse on one of nine webcams.

This activated the robot, in real time and virtual space, which deposited a drop of tin on one of the nine columns corresponding to each of the nine events viewed by the user. In this manner, tin "stalagmites" slowly took shape.

These silvery columns, a virtual ephemeral work of art, depicted the results: Provokat estimated that 5000 mouse clicks were transformed into drops, with the tallest column, representing the entire programme, comprising 900 drops.