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Electric Knitting

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Kwangho Lee knits electrical wire into lamps and lighting installations that border between art and design.

Memories of his mother knitting were the inspiration for this young Korean designer who uses ordinary materials and techniques to knit and create extraordinary items.

The gallery-boutique Commissaires is having an exhibition and sale of many of his pieces until mid-June.

In Montreal for the inauguration of this exhibition, Kwangho Lee explained that some lamps require 300 metres of made-to-measure wire. This applies to the one hanging in the window, which actually consists of six lamps connected together.

Some are simple and hang from a few rows of knitted wire, while others cascade down to the floor into a mound of tangled wires.

Comme une forêt de fils (Like a forest of wires)
Kwangho Lee
5226 Saint-Laurent