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A Different View of the City

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Ephemeral Landscapes continues to explore the urban setting and will return to Mont-Royal Avenue from July 2 to August 31. This year, ten interventions for urban environments have been created to show Montrealers a different view of the city.

The collective Vert Pétant will present the "Vert Bac" (bin green) facility, a 2008 jury-prize winner. Collection of the recycling bins is done once per week and, within 12 hours, these filled containers blend into the urban landscape, are emptied and then disappear, reappearing seven days later. This cycle will be the basis for the intervention. The creators of "Vert Bac" will borrow these recycling bins to make models that will evolve as their owners recover their bins.

"Street of Dreams", imagined by Karen Elaine Spencer, Elsa Charpentier and Perruche also won the 2008 jury prize. Loudspeakers installed along Mont-Royal Avenue will broadcast dreams that people from the neighbourhood have revealed to the three creators.

The 2008 people's award was granted to "4:1 Utopia" by Philippe Affleck, Martin Bérubé and Anne Clément. The project consists of two bicycle racks in the shape of a car, to be installed on Mont-Royal Avenue.

The other seven interventions, selected by guest board member Stéphane Bertrand, are part of the PEEP Show component (Paysages Éphémères - Espaces Publics). These works ("Mekano-Royal" from the collective Ekip, "Mis-casitas" by artist José Luis Torres, "Free Trades" from SYN, "Public Journal" by RACA, "Carnival" by Les Fermières Obsédées, "Suppressions" by Mathieu Beauséjour, and André Éric Létourneau's sound installation) will be presented in two segments: July 2-6 and August 27-31, 2008.