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A New Image for Take-Out

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Chef Ian Perreault is swapping his Halte Urbaine for a ready-to-eat establishment aptly named Prêts-à-manger, whose design, by Dominic Bujold (founder of Sushi Shop), is a reflection of the tradition and boldness with which the chef creates his meals.

Located on the ground floor of the Outremont Theatre, the former site of Halte Urbaine, Prêts-à-manger is a take-out counter that seats only four people. A sidewalk terrace, however, provides seating for 62 diners during the warmer months.

"Since Ian's name is in the forefront, I wanted to create a space that would suit him and, mostly, showcase the wonderful quality of his cuisine. When creating the design for a space designated for food, a modern and original flair is carefully injected, without going over the top," explains Dominic Bujold. 

The result is a very bright space with pure lines, but without falling into the surgical-white trap. Transparent glass tiles in shades of grey-blue, from Ramacieri, adorn the back wall. The other walls are covered in "Damask Flock On Silver Foil" wallpaper from the Classix Exotic Flock collection, from famous London manufacturer Cole & Son.

Three large made-to-measure mirrors give a sense of width to a narrow space. Three oversized, pink-and-grey hanging light fixtures from Artemide, complement each mirror. Dominic Bujold chose them because their shape reminds him of eggshell halves, and their fibrous texture seemed perfectly suited to a take-out location where paper and cardboard containers are part of the décor.

In an effort to support business relations with the area's artists, Dominic Bujold and Ian Perreault commissioned Ateliers Stone Age to create three marble counters, and went to Ramacieri for dark grey flooring to match the Artemide light fixtures.