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New in the Kitchen

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Tagines and casserole dishes, these are the newest additions of two Quebec manufacturers of kitchen items, who both call on Morelli Designers for their design needs.

In response to the present gourmet trend for North-African cuisine, Trudeau has decided to offer a contemporary tagine dish geared towards consumers everywhere, therefore easier to find and less fragile than the traditional dishes.

This simple and elegant dish consists of a black enamelled cast iron pot topped with a white ceramic lid equipped with a small stainless steel handle.

As for the Heritage collection from the Atlantic Promotions company, Morelli was asked to create a set of two casserole dishes in enamelled cast iron, again with a contemporary shape and in different colours. These dishes are low-maintenance and have a good grip, in spite of the heavy weight due to the material, with large rims and handles in the shape of an H for the Heritage name.