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The Montreal architectural firm of Chevalier Morales has just launched its website: a perfect opportunity to discover the work done by this company founded three years ago by Stephan Chevalier and Sergio Morales, both graduates of the University of Montréal.

Developed by architect Neil Melendez, the website divides the company's projects into four categories: residential, multi-dwelling, academic and recreational. Each project, completed or not, is presented through sketches, models, plans, perspectives or photographs.

Stephan Chevalier and Sergio Morales view a building "as an intervention that surpasses the limits of its own foundations and which has a bearing on the land and the identity of the people and the community".

As members of the Canada Green Building Council, they strive to create projects that will reduce heating and cooling needs. They also pay particular attention to the placement and exposure of their buildings in relation to their location, so as to optimise solar energy and rainwater collection. 

The Thibault-Houle residence in Mont-Tremblant was one of their first residential projects. Envisioned as a triangle sitting on a square, this ultra-geometrical building is located on the side of a mountain and looks onto the valley. The exterior is deceivingly simplistic and conceals a very complex framework made out of B.C. pine.

As for recreational buildings, architects Chevalier and Morales won a contract in 2005 for a green spa and golf course to be built on Nun's Island. Work is scheduled to begin in the upcoming months.

The two associates are equally involved with the University of Montréal and McGill University, as teachers (physical climate of a building) and as workshop leaders in architecture (the wine route: development of a winery and a short-term accommodations building).