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A Drink and a Condo, Please

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The sales office for phase 2 of the M9 project is not your typical model condo, but rather has more the feel of a lounge or the lobby of a boutique hotel where you would expect to be sipping on a drink with a celebrity, not preparing to sign a 20-year mortgage.

Visitors find themselves in a decidedly nocturnal ambience decorated in red and black, in which the key elements are various-sized boxes that display the upcoming architecture of the building designed by Nomade.

These open, illuminated boxes create niches, partitions and alcoves. They frame many views and showcase the urban foundations of the location and the project.

The space, furnished by designers at innédesign + MP1, is divided into three areas: an actual bar lined with comfortable settees, a gallery displaying the various layouts and photos of the apartments, and the pivotal life-size representation of the kitchen and bathrooms, sexy and alluring elements to entice buyers.    

As stated in the project's baseline, "Here, interior and exterior boundaries disappear", the inside/outside and day/night effects work very well. Perhaps a little confusing for some, but definitely comforting for a discriminating clientele who feels right at home upon entering.