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A Fresh New Look

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The Commensal is changing its image: with a dynamic logo, acid colours and a resolutely "healthy" positioning, the brand's new face is wholly represented in the recently opened restaurant in Boisbriand. The interior design, created by Lemay Michaud, will be featured in every one of the chain's restaurants.

The designers were involved in the creative process right from the beginning and contributed to the development of the brand's new image, which is trendier and more appealing. Both inside and out, bright, stimulating and accented colours enhance the Commensal's prominent signature style. 

In keeping with the chain's buffet-style eatery, the Boisbriand restaurant has widened the customer pathway to make it more accessible to strollers and the elderly. Also, the chairs are equipped with security bags in which customers can safely leave their personal belongings while they serve themselves.

Other new features include a wine bar that runs along an elevated counter and a water server (filtered and carbonated) that sits in the middle of the room. Seating for 160 customers is divided into three distinct areas. Express or regular areas are available for noontime and evening dining, depending on the type of meal the customer wants to enjoy.

3470 des Grandes Tourelles