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More Babiche

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As a supplement to the Samare furniture exhibition (on the road to Milan), the gallery-boutique Commissaires is showing a collection of unique items that also feature babiche.

Pierre Laramée, board member at Commissaires, has entrusted the designers with antiques so that they may bring them up to date. Each designer has appropriated an item and gave it a personal touch, at times by replacing the babiche with a personal rendition of weaving: such as Étienne Hotte, Michel Parent or Rita did, using adhesive tape in a babiche pattern to recover the frame of a chaise longue.

Others, more conceptual, added more poetic elements to the pieces: small snowshoes at the bottom of the legs of a chair (Sylvie Laliberté) or a cage running through it (François Morelli).

The items are on exhibit until mid-April.