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After the Cube Comes the Studio

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One year after the creation of the Interactive Cube, the Sid Lee agency will be using the new furnishing concept in all 85 adidas Originals stores, which specialise in classic models of the brand's items. Forty more outlets are expected to open during the next few years.

Known as "Atelier" (Studio), this concept was developed in partnership with Aedifica and was inspired by Adi Dassler's story, the shoemaker who founded the brand. Keeping in mind the history of adidas, the multidisciplinary team in charge of the project decided to use a museum-style setting that is often seen in athletic shoe stores. Conversely, consumers enter a space where creativity plays a major role (certain models can be customized).

In order to create a "studio-like" space, done entirely in white and blue but with the odd splash of coloured fabric on the chairs, a regular screen separates the back from the front of the store. Computer stations are located throughout, where customers can create their own model. 

This new concept was inaugurated at the Berlin and Soho, New York, stores in early 2008.

Project management: Connie Ponnari
Strategy development: Alexandre Pasini
Creative strategy development: Lukas Derksen
Creation development: Kristian Manchester
Architecture: Stéphane Bernier (Aedifica)
Artistic development: Roxana Zegan, Rapha Levy
Drafting: Tony Babinski