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Impressive Glass

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Impressa Design, a new studio on the Montreal scene, carries digital prints of photographs or illustrations engraved on glass, which are available to designers and architects as well as to individuals.

Founded one year ago by Nathalie-Jeanne Loiseau, a photographer and design aficionado, and Michel Bérubé, a banker with an expert eye, Impressa has sealed its first commercial deal with the Espace Nomad spa, which has recently moved to Saint-Laurent Boulevard. For this event, they created a five-foot high, eight-foot long plate engraved with the photo of a flower.

The Impressa team creates panels for showers, office partitions, commercial windows, doors and regular windows. Clients can use their own photograph or illustration, or select one of the creations made exclusively for Impressa by Julie Castan of Castan Design. Photos can also be purchased from one of the many image banks available on the Internet, and have it reproduced.

However, Impressa's two founders have another project in the making: a joint venture with Quebec artists, photographers and illustrators to reproduce their creations. They have already signed their first contract with screen printer Jason Cantoro, who is getting ready to show his most recent works. These will be photographed and then engraved. Through an interesting method of overlaying glass plates, they will be shown to the public in three-dimension form.