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Little Toy Soldiers

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Designers are playing with toy soldiers and transforming the plastic figures into decorative and whimsical items. 

British designer Reiko Kaneko has commandeered three soldiers into a circle to protect an egg; the result being a playful egg cup that can be purchased on her website.

Steve Mosley and Dominic Wilcox have amalgamated tiny figurines to form a bowl that comes in four versions: soldiers, horsemen, black or red ninjas.

Still in London, designer Ryan McElhinney created the Gold Toy lamps and mirrors that were hand-crafted in his studio. They are made from recycled figurines that have been glued together and coated with polyurethane paint. These creations are made on demand with a roughly 6-week delivery time.

Lastly, English jewellery designer Sarah Chilton (one would think that this is an exclusively British concept) inserts tiny soldiers in resin rings.