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Improving Household Recycling

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Quebec designers have been asked to create a kitchen waste recovery unit. Recyc-Québec, in partnership with Éco Entreprises Québec and the Quebec association of industrial designers (ADIQ), is organising a design competition that would produce a household recovery unit for recyclables, organic matter and ultimate waste.

"Kitchen layouts in Quebec are lagging somewhat in the integration of cabinets and space that are environmentally designed for the recovery of recyclables and organic waste," states the participation form. "In Europe, this type of equipment ["] is available and is an integral part of the kitchen set-up. In Quebec, [these systems] are not very popular because of the high cost, a lack of adaptability and the customers' lack of awareness".  

Designers, professionals or students, will be required to present an adaptable kitchen "unit/system" concept that would be easily integrated in different types of standard kitchen cabinetry.

The winner will receive a $15,000 bursary. Proposals will be accepted until May 9.

To download the participation form, click here.

Article originally posted on the Novae website.