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Personalised Faucets

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You can now choose the colour of your faucets, just as you do for your walls, thanks to JL Baril's new website, where you can order faucets on the Internet in a variety of colours selected from Benjamin Moore's line of paints.

The M model is therefore available in any colour shown on the website, and even in two colours on one faucet. The Trois-Rivières company guarantees that the chosen colour is 92% identical to the one on the Benjamin Moore chart.

Furthermore, upon request, JL Baril will engrave the faucet with any design chosen or created by the client, an excellent way to personalise a faucet with, for example, a company logo.

Lichen Communications assists JL Baril with all aspects of communication, and has designed the user-friendly Faucet-Maker website.