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Robin des Bois Expands

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Robin des Bois restaurant has recently moved and its present location, just a few hundred metres from the old one, is a definite reflection of the essence of the association: all aspects of the interior decor have been donated, foraged or made by volunteers.

Since the move to this location, which formerly housed the La Plage bar, "the beneficent restaurant" has not only tripled its dining area (as for the kitchen, it's eight times bigger) but it has also been given a new style and atmosphere.

The large bar at the end of the room, the hardwood floor with inlaid motifs, the stage where a DJ entertained patrons, all the original elements that created the restaurant's identity have been preserved.  

Members of the association decided to decorate in bric-a-brac style for a friendly and warm atmosphere. The chairs were bought for $5 apiece at the Salvation Army and reupholstered with a variety of colourful, printed fabrics. These same fabrics were also used to create a patchwork wall hanging.

The sixty-odd tables were built with wood that was donated by a company in Shawinigan, while the 50s-style light fixtures were a gift from SOS Décor, a company that specialises in leasing and recycling decor items.

Film director Lyne Charlebois created two large picture frames displaying 300 black-and-white photographs of volunteers who work for the association. And lastly, the mural painting specialists at Catsa painted a large tree, the restaurant's logo, on the only empty wall.

An interesting feature at the entrance is the old coatroom from La Plage, which has been transformed into a stress-release room: for $5 you can buy a plate and, after donning safety glasses and hat, throw it against the wall.  

4653 Saint-Laurent