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Raider of Lost Buildings

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Jogues Rivard's urban explorations, presented in 26 oversized photos that document the last moments of several abandoned buildings, are displayed from March 19 to May 10 at the Monopoli architecture gallery.

With the help of photograph Alain Laforest, a board member for this event, Monopoli presents 15 years of "urban peregrinations": the Dow Brewery, Elevator No. 5, the Sainte-Clotilde novitiate, the Singer factory, all forgotten places that have been visited by Jogues Rivard, a rather unusual archivist/explorer.

According to Alain Laforest, these images convey great power: "It goes beyond aesthetics, obvious nonetheless, beyond the fascinating beauty in deterioration. It is genuine emotion. One can still sense some human presence, in these operating rooms that bring to mind torture more than therapy; in the warped old flooring, waves rather than floor; in the old machines stuck on functions that we'll forget once they're gone; in the detail of the safety glasses, now a spider's nest".

181 Saint-Antoine St. West
Vernissage: Tuesday, March 18 at 6 p.m.