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Underground Design in Alberta

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Montreal's Ruscio Studio chose a Calgary shopping mall to open this boutique whose décor is inspired by the city and what lies beneath it.

The underground city is the theme, as its name suggests, and its decor calls to mind the subway system, with its curved walls and white ceramic tiles. Yellow fluorescent lights lined up in a continuous row reinforce this impression, and you can feel the dynamics before you even enter the store.

Florescent-orange furniture and tail chains hanging from the ceiling accentuate the black walls of the fitting rooms.

But the pièce de résistance is the 64-foot-long metal strip that holds the clothing display elements and frames the entire space from the entrance on. Customers walk over and under the strip, which supports a haphazard mural consisting of posters from all over, including many from Montreal.

Despite the crudeness of the space, this new concept has won over the female clientele (which was one of the company's goals). In fact, two other similar projects are in the works for other places in Canada.

Robert Ruscio and Marie-Ève Béliveau, Designers, Ruscio Studio
Underground, Market Mall
Calgary, Alberta