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New at Umbra

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Umbra, the Canadian giant in affordable decorating, has revealed its new products for 2008, which include the green versions of its Garbino and Garbini wastebaskets.

The Garbino, Umbra's absolute best-seller, is now made from recycled and degradable materials. The Garbini, its miniature version, is made of plastic manufactured from corn.

Not only is the Pulp bulletin board graphically attractive, it also consists of tightly pressed recycled paper. Notes can be either wedged in or, more traditionally, tacked on.

Umbra has asked artist/computer graphics technician Joshua Davis to create patterns that represent paper and clothes baskets. These are the first items to stem from this collaboration. Those interested in generative design will immediately recognize the work of Joshua Davis, a leader in this style.

And finally, Umbra continues to stretch its design boundaries with its U+ collection of limited edition items, particularly Bill Harvey's teapots and cups, the first ones in an upcoming series, and Angela Schwab's folded plates.