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Toronto Shows Off

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The Toronto Interior Design Show (IDS), held February 21-24, is celebrating its 10th anniversary and there are a few must-see exhibits as well as two off events where design and creativity rule.

One of the most anticipated events of the show is the "10 Innovative Canadian Designers" exhibit, showcasing recent achievements or prototypes from Canadian designers known for their inventiveness. Among them, two Quebecers: ceramist Pascale Girardin and architect Pierre Thibault. Also in this section, discover new products by Castor, Kerr & Company, as well as Molo Design.

The "Collaborations" exhibit will challenge four teams (comprising designers, architects and engineers) to build, from floor to ceiling, a room with only one material.

Not to be missed is the first edition of "Design Unlimited/Care", a partnership between Doctors Without Borders and designers Marcel Wanders, Karim Rashid, Tom Dixon, the Campana brothers, Arne Quinze, Christophe Pillet and Piero Lissoni. They have each created a banner that will be sold on site with proceeds from the sales going to the NGO.

The three-day show will feature several seminars and workshops. On Friday, February 22nd, a day reserved for trade professionals, seminars given by the star of British design Tom Dixon, Belgian artist Arne Quinze and New York architect Winka Dubbeldam are not to be missed.

In addition to the IDS, a group exhibition of works by emerging Canadian designers and artists is organized by Toronto retailer Made, from February 20th to 27th. The show, called "Radiant Dark", will explore themes of darkness and luxury with wallpaper, furniture and textiles.

And finally, for the fifth consecutive year, Toronto's Gladstone Hotel is organizing "Come Up To My Room", a mini design show that is more conceptual than commercial, to showcase creative talents within the Canadian scene. Always a popular event, this friendly rendez-vous of young designers brings together a dozen or so participants, who take over the hotel's first-floor rooms and exhibit their work: various items, installations, concepts and ideas.