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Modern Architecture as a Heritage

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This week, two professors from Uqam will release the publication of a guide that highlights the modern architectural heritage of Montreal, "Discovering Modern Montreal and the Estérel Resort in Québec".

This bilingual publication, edited by The International Centre for Urbanism, Architecture and Landscape (CIVA) in Brussels, in partnership with Docomomo Québec, lists some 150 buildings and public artworks chosen for their innovative character.

Housed in Uqam's school of design, Docomomo Québec is affiliated with Docomomo International, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the DOcumentation and COnservation of architecture of the MOdern MOvement. Founded in 1988 in Eindhoven, Netherlands, today it is located in more than 50 countries.

Written by France Vanlaethem (professor and founding president of Docomomo Québec) and Sophie Mankowski (graduate of Architecture at the University of British Columbia), with the help of Conrad Gallant (graduate of Modern Architecture and Heritage at UQAM's school of design) and Danielle Doucet, the guide directs the reader through seven walking tours lasting about a half-day each.

Six of the tours are right in the heart of Montreal. The seventh takes place in the Laurentians, a discovery tour of the Estérel Resort, a testament to Quebec's modern architecture. Each of these walking tours is preceded by an historical introduction and a map showing points of interests. There is a picture of each building or group, along with a short text.