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The creative agency Amen and designer Sophie Goineau (co-founder of Moderno) have come up with the design for the exhibit of Montreal artist Viviane Neumann, of Norwegian descent, presented until Saturday at the Commissaires gallery-boutique.

The exhibit, called "Entre-deux", showcases seven sculptures created in 2006 and 2007: Cheval sans queue (Horse Without a Tail), Have a Seat, Labour of Defense, Thoughts, IGA A&P, Rocking Ball and Mutant Squirrel.

"The space at Commissaires corresponded to the unfinished aspect of Viviane Neumann's works. Also, her sculptures, although non-functional, are directly or indirectly inspired by product and furniture design. They had to be presented in a design gallery", explained Sophie Goineau.

Until Saturday, February 9
Galerie-boutique Commissaires
5226 St-Laurent
(514) 274-4888

Translation by Susan Silver