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The Sequel to the Story...

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A sequel had to be written for this restaurant that was once considered an institution in Sherbrooke; therefore, La Suite (The Sequel) grew from an idea to create a new tradition.

The new owner wanted to create a completely new image for the establishment in order to update it, but also harmonize it with an elegant and sophisticated kitchen.

The space was completely renovated and a terrace was even added on the roof; only the kitchen remained almost intact.

Textures add richness to the space. One visit offers a variety of elements: a stairway dressed in stainless steel and sheer curtains, an oversized table positioned between two original solid wood columns, an enormous glass-enclosed wine cellar, large stones on the fireplace and old cast iron radiators recessed in the wooden wall.

Every glance reveals a continuous rhythm of elements that marry old with new, traditional with modern. Interior design by Jean Couture.

La Suite
100 Webster

Translation by Susan Silver