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Christmas in February

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The boutique restaurant Le Cartet (2002 winner of the Jury Grand Prize, Commerce Design Montreal competition) is undergoing a makeover; during renovations, the owners have asked Orangetango to create a graphic and playful display that would grab the attention of passers-by.

Similar to a Christmas advent calendar, panels covering the windows gradually reveal the work in progress. This is a pleasant alternative to common plywood sheets, and it brings a positive approach to the often-difficult period of closing temporarily.

The inside renovations, developed by young architect Nathalie Dionne, will increase the circulation space and refit the room to accommodate evening service, seven days a week.

For a sneak peak at the new Le Cartet, stroll past 106 McGill while waiting for Christmas... scheduled for the end of February.

Impression: Flash Graphix
Installation: Autographe impression

Translation by Susan Silver