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A very twisted notepad

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From a simple block of paper, Colin Schleeh creates polymorphic art that anyone can handle and twist in a thousand ways.

Designer-cabinetmaker Colin Schleeh has always loved to alter materials into unexpected shapes. In his hands, a lamination film becomes a vase, while wood and cement bend like paper. He likes volutes, scrolls and spirals, but also attractive office items such as wooden and paper blocks, the latter being a great commercial success of his.

Colin's Morph Pads expand on a simple idea but, to really get them right, they require careful workmanship. The note-pads are laser-cut, providing perfectly regular slices, and therefore impeccably finished products, regardless of the shape they are given. The flexible back must be soft but also withstand all types of handling.

Now, just imagine an improved rendering of twisted graph lines.

Moreover, Colin Schleeh has recently organized a contest to seek out new drawings. The best entries will win $500 and will also be published in the Morph Pads series.

Translation by Susan Silver