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Quebecers win the Prix de Rome in architecture

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Last week, architects Manon Asselin and Katsuhiro Yamazaki, from the Montréal firm Atelier Tag, were awarded the Professional Prix de Rome in Architecture by the Canada Council for the arts.

Awarded annually, this $50,000-prize promotes and encourages artistic excellence in the field of contemporary architecture. The winners travel to foreign countries to perfect their skills and to broaden their presence on the international scene.

Manon Asselin and Katsuhiro Yamazaki will build on this experience by studying the manner in which various present-day socio-economical and political environments redefine new architectural firms' activities. To do so, they will record interviews with young, innovative architects and will conduct researches on studio activities, projects and construction sites in Europe, the Far East and New York. Upon completion of their researches, they will present a multimedia exhibit that will showcase and compare their results from a Canadian perspective.

Since its creation in 1997, Atelier Tag has won five prestigious awards (two Governor General Medals, one Prix d'excellence in architecture from the OAQ, the Institute of Design Montréal Award in architecture and the Award of Excellence from Canadian Architect) for its cultural projects on the Vieux-Terrebonne Theatre and the Châteauguay Library, in conjunction with Jodoin Lamarre Pratte et associés.

Translation by Susan Silver