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How to blend rustic and contemporary

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It's more than a bakery; it's La Boulangerie, a place that blends friendliness, warmth and a contemporary flair.

How do you bring a personal touch to a space located on the lower level of a new building, without an elaborate makeover? How do you clearly state its purpose and entice customers to frequent it on a daily basis? And at the same time, how do you reflect an unpretentious contemporary design? These are questions that designer Carl Lapointe asked himself in order to create this simple and effective location.

Without trying to conceal the basic frame of the space, an unsurfaced concrete rectangle, he added a second skin of rough-sawn wooden boards. These two walls add warmth and a more people-oriented aspect. The wooden boards rise into a curve that brings to mind the cornices that once decorated the edges of old ceilings.

In contrast to this material that is purposely kept as rough as possible, is an enormous, almost clinical white Corian countertop. It is the central axis of the boutique, is substantial, reflects cleanliness and hides various functions.

On the customer's side, shelves are inserted, while the service side has an endless row of drawers and storage. All these elements are found in the Euromobil catalogue, an Italian manufacturer specializing in kitchen furnishings and storage. By using tried-and-true standard elements, in his own way, Carl Lapointe shows us that 100% custom-made is not necessary and that it's better to take advantage of the manufacturers' experience and of the excellent quality of their hardware. Drawers and cabinets are therefore assembled, based on their standard measurements, with personalised combinations. Only the countertop, delivered by the same company, was custom ordered.

This is the approach promoted by the designer for this project, and also for all architecture and design professionals that call on his company, Eurosystems, a distributor of many European contemporary furnishing makers.

La Boulangerie
453 Viger West

Translation by Susan Silver