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The Sacco celebrates its 40th

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The Italian manufacturer Zanotta is celebrating 40 years of Sacco, better known in North America as the beanbag. The commemoration will include an exposition, a book and a website that will tell the tale of this playful bag of beans that found its way into so many homes.

The Sacco adventure started in 1968 when three young architects, Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro, presented their creation to Zanotta. The funny-looking, pear-shaped bag filled with polystyrene balls was quickly put into production with very few changes to the original design.

Throughout the years, the Sacco has had its admirers and critics, has found its way into several museums, has been copied incessantly and has known some periods of neglect, but ultimately, it has always had a presence. In 1968,  Sacco embodied an anti-conformist spirit -- emancipation from the rigidity of classic and bourgeois furniture. The 2008 model is much more of a fashion accessory, one that doesn't fear being dressed up in various styles.

To celebrate this success, Zanotta is outfitting the Sacco with a new shiny vinyl cover that will come in an array of superb colours. Zanotta is available in Montréal at Triede Design.

Transaltion by Jennifer Edwards