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An exclusive casserole dish

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Chef Daniel Vézina is an enthusiastic promoter of Québécois products and not only those that wind up on his plates. Following a tradition set in his Québec City restaurant, he is now featuring tableware designed and produced by Québécois artisans in his Montréal locale. Not content to go with ready-made items, Vézina has opted for a personal collaboration by ordering specific pieces for specific dishes.

One of these, designed by ceramicist Koen de Winter from Atelier Orange, is a container used for egg dishes infused with herbs, cheese or other ingredients that need to be cooked in a bain-marie. The product itself is not new: small casserole dishes have been used for a long time in English cooking and are even considered collectors' items. The dishes typically feature a stainless steel lid that sits on a container that is frequently decorated.

Along with a contemporary look, Koen de Winter's version has a few practical advantages, including a ring and a wooden utensil that allows the dish to be easily lifted from boiling water. Seeking to preserve the traditional casserole dish's watertight seal, he included a silicone ring.

Sadly not sold to the public, this clever casserole dish is just the latest addition to Atelier Orange's collection of tableware. All items in the collection have been produced according to methods that mix artisanal and industrial techniques.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards