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A Montréal picnic in Chaumont

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La vie en vert, a landscape design and urban planning firm from Montréal, has been chosen to participate in the 16th annual Festival international de jardins contemporains de Chaumont-sur-Loire.

Taking place from April 30 to October 19, the general theme of this year's festival is "common gardens." La vie en vert's installation is called Réuni-ombre (Shade-reunion) and is centered on a parasol, a symbolic object that, by its simple presence, creates a joyful atmosphere.

The garden is divided in two parts: one dedicated to light and warmth, the other to coolness and shade and the opportunity for a shared moment. On the ground, the two zones are demarcated by gravel that is light in some spots and dark in others. The plants selected also contribute to the contrast in light through their shape, height and colour.

Numerous parasols will be installed on a track system, permitting visitors to move them and define new gathering spaces. The constructed elements used in the landscape will be made in Québec by Fabricot and will be assembled in France by La vie en vert in April.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards