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An egg-shaped source

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Resembling a giant porcelain egg, this water filtration unit is way more attractive than any plastic water bottle.

Ovopur is a new product designed in Québec by Aquavo. It offers an ecological solution to the issue of potable water.

It was while looking for a quality water-filtration product that the designer recognized an untapped need. From there came the idea to create an object with an interesting design, solid materials (porcelain, glass and metal) and an effective filtration process.

The egg shape and absence of angles encourage water's free circulation, regeneration and natural undulating movements. Temperature variations and gravity induce a biotic movement that avoids stagnation and reduces the risk of bacteria proliferation.

Ovopur uses gravity to filter and revitalize tap water without consuming electricity. Water passes from the filtration reservoir to the principal reservoir by way of a filtration cartridge.

The principal reservoir holds up to 11 litres of water, the level of which is indicated by a magnetic gauge.

Beyond the product itself, Aquaovo distinguishes itself by an impeccable visual identity (logo, catalogue, packaging, etc.) designed by Bleublancrouge.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards