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Well served at Les Cons Servent

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Chef Stelio Perombelon's new restaurant, Les Cons Servent, not only has a unique and engaging concept, but a décor that is as streamlined as it is warm.

Here, preserves are the star. A gigantic shelving unit, the focal point of this space created by Samuel Archambault (who, for the past year, has traded in his designer hat for that of restaurateur), hosts a few dozen jars. This unit, which once showcased ammunition, was recuperated from the Val-Cartier military base near Québec City.

There's more recycled furniture: the big table was found in a New Brunswick convent, the benches are church pews, etc. Only the cellar brings a touch of the contemporary to the ensemble. For its design, Samuel, one of the three cons along with Stelio (the chef) and Frédéric (the sommelier), chose concrete pannel and decided to make the textured backs the visible side. The horizontal cellar window allows guests to see bodies mingling without seeing faces. This window, visible from the street, lends the space a warm and convivial feel.

When he designed the space, Archambault decided to go back to basics while creating an original identity. "Even though I had a very limited budget, I still wanted to create a warm space with personality, one that references the German stripped-down aesthetic that I discovered in Berlin".Originally an old garage, the place was in a very bad state. A dismantling phase of three months was necessary for the designer to find the original structure of the building constructed in 1922.

The wall that faces the shelving unit was what particularly attracted Archambault 's attention. Highly texturized, with historical traces of the place, it offers a good counterpoint to the busy shelving unit across the way. It was painted in grey and left bare except for the life-size photo taken of a segment of the wall in its raw state and hung in the exact spot. Finally, the plywood floor was covered with epoxy -- no staining required.

Les Cons Servent
5064 Papineau
(514) 523-8999

Translation by Jennifer Edwards