La référence des professionnels
des communications et du design

Design sells

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This is what Michel Sabouné, VicePresident of Sony Ericsson's Creative Design Center (CDC) proved, at the first Matinée-conférences organized by Influencia, a weekly newsletter and a tri-annual magazine. Sub-headed Le média des tendances et de l'influence (the media of trends and influence), it deciphers emerging communication trends in France andother countries.

Many braved the transportation strike that paralyzed Paris on November 15 to listen to Sabouné and the roundtable of visionaries and talents made up of Patrick Lecharpy (Renault), Olivier Dognon, (TeamCréatif), Christophe Rebours (InProcess/Dragon Rouge), Clément Rousseau (PlanCréatif) and Anne-MarieSargueil (Institut français du design).

At Sony Ericsson, product innovation and creation are the direct responsibility of designers who do not have to wait for the results of market studies. A special service of the CDC is to collect tomorrow's international trends and to create an annual guide that serves all steps of a product launch. For an hour and a half, Michel Sabouné described the vital and strategic function that design plays for brands and, by extension, for all businesses.

The round table that followed allowed participants to reflect on Sabouné's vision and to pose the question "How does design become a source of influence and success for brands?"

Translation by Jennifer Edwards