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How should the Quartier be furnished?

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In 2005, Intégral Ruedi Baur and Intégral Jean Beaudoin were mandated by the Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles to define the future area's identity; that proposal, which builds on certain fundamentals already presented by the designers after the contest, have just been submitted to the Partenariat.

Pursuant to the previous commission,the designers are proposing distinctive street furniture and signage thatre inforce Montréal's position as a cultural metropolis and, especially, as a city of design. The principal players in the visual identity are the axis of Sainte-Catherine, veritable spinal cord of the area, and lighting, the first andmost visible component of this identity.

The illuminated red dot, developedduring the first incarnations of the lighting plan, is the most recognizable element. In a more elaborate form, it becomes a pulse that animates the neighbourhood and assimilates itself into various elements of urban life.

For Sainte-Catherine, the visual identity will be articulated through the installation of street furniture consisting of red conical masts, which, while occupying minimal ground space, will be responsible for circulation, lighting, signaling and communication functions.

Shades encircling the masts, embody lights, act as sign supports or project text and images onto the ground. These ground markings are an important element of the project, whether fleeting or permanent. Some of theses shades, the "cultural" ones, are screens that will broadcast 24 hours of information on Quartier activities.

Complementing these mast shades is the typical street furniture like garbage bins, flower boxes and public benches. All will have the same colour and, where possible, the same circular form. Benches can encircle the masts or be part of a multifunctional apparatus that will also accommodate bike racks and flower boxes.

Also included in the proposition are temporary furniture elements (markers, signs, enclosures) that can be outfitted in the signature colours of the various events that will take place in the Quartier during the year. At this stage, we are far from even envisioning the implementation of all this, but nothing is stopping us from imagining the effects.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards