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A restaurant's ambiance and the conviviality of a bar

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This Chez Victor restaurant is the third of a small Québec chain, but its graphic and colourful design could very well set a precedent for Chez Victor spaces to come.

For Pierre Bouvier from Atlante architecture + design, the challenge was to create a space for a restaurant and bar to cohabitate. Since regulations stipulate that there be a distinct space for each, he designed a screen with geometrically varied slats, which preserves the intimacy and ambiance of the bar situated behind the dining room.

There's a unique, nocturnal atmosphere that permeates this restaurant even in full daylight. It cuts through the gloom of the environs (a banal shopping centre).

Thanks to the plays on lighting and texture, the space comes to life and reflects freshness and simplicity; something that is also reflected in the cuisine. Dark wood and grey stone dominate, accentuated by a large mural with a leafy pattern and a textured, backlit strip that offers more than enough mood lighting.

Chez Victor
2778 Chemin Ste-Foy

Translation by Jennifer Edwards