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Harricana gets refurbished

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As a result of the success of Harricana, her line of recycled fur clothing, founder Mariouche Gagné had to completely rethink her work space, which is much more than a simple store.

Situated close to the Atwater Market, the former bank that the designer moved into in 2002 now houses her administrative offices, warehouse and studio, as well as a vast sales and greeting space that can accommodate group visits. Numerous are the curious who come to see this company's HQ, set up like a small fur-recycling museum.

Architects Fournier Gersovitz Moss & Associés got down to the fundamentals and, with a modest budget, reorganized the rooms, making them more airy and functional.

The public is invited to watch the employees at work and to visit the warehouse where hundreds of old coats are piled up to the ceiling, awaiting a new life. In the store, the idea of airiness is key: the high walls are bare and accessories are few except for the white furniture that showcases the creations found there.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards