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The Hôtel Godin gets painted over in Opus

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This hotel has everything it needs for success: an ideal location, interesting architecture, thoughtful design - all that's required is that it last, a challenge its new owners have taken on.

The Hôtel Godin will get a shot at a second life under the name Opus Montréal. The hotel's buyers, the owners of the Vancouver Opus, decided to put their brand on things by redecorating the rooms. No large renovation was needed since the previous interior design (the handiwork of Montréal architect Dan S. Haganu and Toronto designers Yabu Pushelberg) was so solid and appropriate. Opus' challenge was simply to paint and accessorize.

Some may regret the loss of the old subdued quality that has now been replaced with flashy colours. Four room types were created to accommodate the lifestyles of its occupants: the pink one is the refuge of the dazzling young woman, the vibrant orange belongs to the active man, etc.

Suco resto-lounge moves into the space that looks out onto Saint-Laurent. And plans are in the works to finally install a bar in the huge, uninhabited space next to the lobby.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards