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Roche-Bobois revs up

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French designer Sacha Lakic recently made a pit stop in Montréal to present his newest creations: furniture with dynamic lines produced for and sold by Roche-Bobois.

It was in 2004 that Lakic, having fine tuned his design skills in the auto and motorcycle worlds, accelerated into a fruitful collaboration with the French furniture design house.

Lakic's pieces have seen much success. They perfectly suit the company's strategy of carrying image-conscious and contemporary products while playing an important role as a promoter of French designers.

His stamp can be seen in the furniture's fluid and dynamic forms and in the brilliant finishes. In addition to the polished, luxury-car effect, there's also, by virtue of his background, the use of technological materials. There is a true optimism in these retro-futurist shapes that racecar enthusiasts and those who appreciate sensual curves will adore.

Sacha Lakic's Montréal visit was also an occasion to see the renovations undertaken by the company to optimize its immense, but difficult, downtown space. The floor was totally redone. Now, there's no more wall-to-wall carpeting, but simple nude concrete, a look that better articulates the modernity of the space and its contents. The organization of the store was completely rethought and redistributed with the help of dividers both solid and glass. Finally, signs were installed outside, featuring the new company logo.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards