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Rona's space with zero waste

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Perennia, a new non-profit organization specializing in ecodesign, just created a space for Rona to showcase their eco-friendly products.

It was in the context of the Spring 2008 Tradeshow - Rona's product showcase held at the Palais des congrès de Montréal on November 9 - that the 4000 square foot space was designed. Coming from a zero-waste perspective, Perennia created small thematic islands made up of reusable, recyclable or compostable components. The eco-consultants at Takt-étik, a Perennia partner, were responsible for identifying the most environmentally respectful products in Rona's catalogue and explaining their benefits.

Zero waste doesn't have to mean zero creativity. The products, graphically positioned on painted delivery palettes, were grouped thematically according to the themes water, earth, energy, health, recycled products and air and identified with big colour banners. Explanations of the products' characteristics were presented on wood cubes mounted on stems.

Made up of graphic designer Luce Beaulieu, managing director Muriel Kearney and industrial designer Cédric Sportes, Perennia's mission is to improve companies' environmental efforts with the help of their innovative ecodesign services.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards